Personal Presents Ltd. was established in June 1995 by its directors and co-owners Jennie Matthews and Phil Hertel. The idea for the business was developed when Jennie was on maternity leave. She had worked previously with the Heinz Baby Club, Mothercare, Bounty and finally Tesco, so she was familiar with the popular products, whilst also having a feel for new product development. Phil’s experience in accounting and then media buying & account management provided a complimentary skillset to Jennie's.

We have fulfilled orders from the Americas to Australia and from Sweden to South Africa. The increased reach & improved security of the internet has made it the preferred shopping channel for the majority of our customers.

However, every Christmas and Spring we print & distribute brochures to all customers who have placed an order with us the last few years since there are still a number of people who haven't embraced the internet age!

We have also developed a number of personalised products suitable for the adult market. You'll find them in the "By Occasion" section. Have a look to see what we offer there for any upcoming birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or retirements.